CHE BELLO relaxes…

January 29, 2010 at 11:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello from Friday! I got to meet my new statistics kiddies today and they seem to be a good group. I finally have a non-traditional student in my class! I think it’s absolutely wonderful when people go back to school mid-career, etc., and I’m excited about getting to know her and learn from her experiences. Have any of you had non-trads in any of your classes? If so, how did you interact with them and what did you learn?

And today was super awesome because I got to have dinner with some of the wonderful kids from last semester’s show. I’ve never seen a cast that cohesive during a production, and it thrills me that the connections are still strong. I’m so proud of the family I was able to build in just a few months.

Workout Accountability Report:
Ran a 5k this evening after dinner; felt not very easy for the first mile or so, probably because I haven’t had any slow carbs today.
For all of you who have iPhones, if you’re at all interested you should check out the CrunchFu app, a training plan for, surprise, crunches! Today I did a total of 84 split over 5 sets.
Lifting: chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders. I’m hoping that at least keeping track of what muscle groups I work on will help me get on a more regular schedule, with ample time for rest of course.



  1. goblinbox said,

    You go! Get stuff done!

  2. hmwhat said,

    I have only been part of one show that our cast became a true family. I did Titanic the Musical in 2006 and I still talk to people from the cast frequently, and we still get everyone together once in a while to catch up. It’s really nice 🙂

    Maybe I should start putting my workout summary in my blog, that way I actually keep track of it AND post everyday. Hmmmm

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