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I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions. I think it has something to do with this being the first year that I’ve felt I’m fully in control of where I end up and what I become. Which is a good thing, I suppose, but also a rather daunting responsibility. BUT, it’s a New Year and, while I don’t necessarily want a new me, there are some things I’d like to see happen in 2010.

I will,
1. Run two half-marathons. I’m currently mulling over doing one on January 16th, even though my plan was for one in early spring and one in late fall. I’ve been pushing my mileage lately and think at this point I could run 10 or so miles pretty comfortably. Regardless, I’ll get two under my belt this year, and am still pushing for my first marathon in spring 2011.
2. Be better at keeping in touch with friends. It’s so easy to lose track of people when I stretch myself as thinly as I do, but I really must do a better job of this. I think having lots of new bloggy friends is helping in that department, even if our interactions are not yet very deep.
3. Write more poetry. I think this will be achieved in the poetry class I’m taking this coming semester, but regardless, I need to focus more energy on being creative in outlets other than theatre, which, though I love it, is getting rather exhausting as I enter my third (and final) semester of leadership in the company.
4. Wait tables again. I know a lot of people dread navigating angry diners, but I rather enjoyed my stint as a Coke refill bitch and would like to return to my former state of obesity enablement. Not to mention that I made a killing in tips from winking at the obviously gay guys.
5. Knit a hat, a tie, and a sweater. I picked up knitting for about a week six months ago, but then promptly had all my free time sucked away by the show I was directing. Since I got promoted to a job that doesn’t require me to be at rehearsal every night, I picked up my needles again on Dec. 27th, and am getting really excited at the progress I’m making. Progress that I’d like to see continue throughout the new year.
6. Be content. This is a transformation that I’ve noticed in myself recently and, although it’s very unlike me, I think I like where it’s going. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life forcing things into being what I want them to be. Organizations, relationships, family ties, career choices; everything has been a game of pushing and molding and shaping. But what I’ve learned is that things that are unnaturally shaped don’t last very long. If you push a relationship to be something it isn’t supposed to be, someone is going to get hurt. (Thanks MamaMush for helping me develop my thoughts on these kinds of things.) So, as difficult as it is for me, I’m letting things progress naturally, not broadcasting my feelings to the entire world, and just being happy. It’s highly uncharacteristic as I generally don’t mind delving into emotional matters, even very soon after feelings develop, but I think it’s a good thing to be a little more subdued, a little more contemplative until things build themselves up the way they will (or won’t, but it’s natural). So, yes to sitting back and letting things happen.

We’ll check back for a 2010 retrospective this time next year, assuming I’m not on one of my oh-so-frequent unintentional blogging hiatuses (hiati?).

Blah blah blah and auld lang syne, everyone!



  1. Chris D. said,

    These sound like good, healthy goals for the new year. I wish you well on them.

    Not being a runner myself, the half marathons sound daunting to me. However it sounds like you have the ability and drive to pull it off.

    Altering one’s emotional gravity can be a challenge. Having a broader awareness of one’s tendencies is a good first step.

    Good wishes for the new year.

  2. josh said,

    1. I’ve wanted to run a marathon for soooo long! I used to go running all the time around mah town, but wut wiff da nature deciding to make everything so fucking cold, I’ve been made slacker city!

    2. I recently had a ping of inner frustration do to mah lack of ever seeming to keep in touch wiff peepz. It’s hard, but in a silly way, I think libro de cara does help to keep you relatively in touch with those you may not be able to see all that often.

    3. Dude, I hear ya COMPLETELY on this front. Since graduating, I’ve been constantly battling with myself to write more poetry. I received two writing journalz a few weekz ago and I have found that I’ve been being more disciplined when I have something constantly with me to jot wordz down in. I need to start researching places to send my shit to, which terrifiez me to no end! Oh woe are us! Poets are sooooOOoOoOoO tortured!

    4. Ug…you’re on your own here. I’m pretty positive that once I get home at one in the morning tomorrow after being raped during the New Year’s Eve shift, I will want to do anything BUT continue to serve tables throughout 2010.

    5. I need a new scarf! And mah burfday is at the end of February! ::wink, wink::

    6. The past four yearz of mah life have been a constant pushing of myself to succeed and please everyone around me. While it’s bueno to be motivated, it can be ultimately detrimental to yourself if you never give yourself some leeway to make mistakez or just relax [feat. Jell-O shotz & loooooong napz]. I’m just now beginning to realize how much happier I am when I allow myself time to be lazzzy and calm and not so high-strung towardz every aspect of mah life. Plus, peepz like me more when I’m not snapping @ them wiff rude quipz due to my utter exhaustion!

    • David said,

      So we make a nifty little swap: your job for a scarf! I cast one on today, as a matter of fact (although it may or may not be intended for a rather handsome Icelandic friend of ours). What’s your favo colour? And yeah, submitting stuff is mad terrifying. I just got a non-personalized rejection *e-mail* from The Appalachian Review. Not even the courtesy of an honest-to-goodness letter. Loserz. But seeing as how you’re a real poet and I’m just a pretend crafter of whimsical words, I’m sure you’ll have more luck than I did.

  3. Jere said,

    I’m thinking of running the NYC half-marathon in March. And by “thinking” I mean I’ll decide when I get back to New York if I want to work training and costs into my schedule and budget this semester.

    • David said,

      If it’s relatively flat and we’re shooting for the same pace maybe we could tackle it together? Having a running partner the day of the race is always a good thing.

  4. goblinbox said,

    I found your blog finally.

    I couldn’t run that far to save my life. You’re awesome.

    Join and we can be knitting friends.

    • David said,

      A) I think you mean WE’re awesome.
      B) You’re ALREADY my friend on Ravelry, because I’m just cool like that. Find me under TrickyTricoteur. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • goblinbox said,

        Oh jeez. *blushes* I didn’t even look because everything else takes you three days! We be Ravelry friendz now.

  5. Justin said,

    Many thanks to Chris D for pointing me to the Teach Me Something Tuesday #25 post over at Puntabulous ( where I discovered your blog, David. I’m not sure I can say that my New Year’s Resolution is to do a better job of reading all of your guys’ blogs, cuz I kind of need to keep my job, and this is a lot of reading! But I’m glad I found it.

    Resolution #6 is incredibly smart, by the way, if I can venture an opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hmwhat said,

    Good luck with the marathon – I hope you actually do it. I’ve always been envious of people who can run marathons.

    I’ve been hard core knitting since I came home for Winter Break. I can still only knit scarves, basically the knit and pearl stitches. But I’m hoping that I can learn to knit gloves and socks haha.

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