CHE BELLO’s boring Friday.

July 31, 2009 at 10:49 pm (Uncategorized)

In the deep recesses of the Amazon River, tight to the muddy bottom, there lives a fish which locals call the paraiba, the mother of all fish. The largest one pulled in in the last ten years was eight feet long, and the massive fish have been known to swallow fishermen whole, swimming upriver for leagues with intact legs still protruding from its mouth.

Anyway, just thought that would be an entertaining tidbit for you. No larger point, no metaphoric significance, of which I am incapable on lazy Friday nights consumed with Animal Planet documentaries and escapist faux-horror films like Thirteen Ghosts.

I’ve decided I want to meet my true love at a bookstore. So if any cute gay boys are going to be visiting any bookstores in the near future, give me a heads up, please?


  1. Radio Matthew said,

    What are the closest bookstores nearest you?

    *takes notes*

  2. David said,

    Cute. 😀
    Ever thought about a weekend getaway to lovely Ithaca, New York?

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