CHE BELLO obsesses over…

March 31, 2008 at 12:56 pm (Obsessions) (, , )

…Canadian singer/songwriter Allison Crowe.

Seeing as how I’m a poor college student, I’ve grown rather adept at finding free music on the Internet. But none of my discoveries has been of the magnitude of Allison Crowe, whose soaring vocals and raw power make me cream my pants just a little bit every time I hear her.

If you head on over to Allison’s page, you can listen to full-song samples from her albums, as well as download entire albums…for free. (Unfortunately, Allison’s music is the only good stuff on that site. Except for maybe the third track on this album, which is good for entirely different reasons. Like making me spew milk from my nose.) I would recommend starting with the live album, and check out Whether I’m Wrong if you want to be cool and know my current favorite song.

The extent of my obsession: I’ve contacted her management about the possibility of bringing her here to Cornell for a show. My love knows no boundaries.

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  1. Stephen said,

    Thanks for the great suggestion. I’m listening to the first track on the live album now and I love it! Really incredible.

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