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Today CHE BELLO received it’s 500th page view. It took a lot longer to reach that point on my old blog, so I guess I’m just cooler now. Check out my first foray into Photoshop! (The puppy is courtesy of The Daily Puppy, a website you should add to your feed reader for your daily recommended value of snuggle-aciousness.)

Thanks to all my blogging friends who visit frequently! (That would be Stephen, leading the pack.)

PS, my 500th page view post is so much cooler than Craig’s was. How ya like dem apples?


  1. thismomentnow said,

    David–you’re site’s cool as f*ck. Congratulations on 500!

  2. Craig said,


    Okay, maybe you’re right. Sigh.

  3. David said,

    @thismomentnow – Thanks! I hope you’ll stop in more often. 🙂 ((PS, what’s your name? It feels awkward directing a reply at a blog title.))

    @Craig – I have to take small victories over you where I can get them. ::offers you a shoulder to cry on:: Everything will be okay again, I promise.

  4. dot said,

    ::sniffle:: I like puppies. I wants one. When we’re famous musicians, it can keep us company on the road!

  5. thismomentnow said,

    Jonathan. Thanks.

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