CHE BELLO learns French.

February 23, 2008 at 1:45 pm (Saturday Sayings) (, , , , , )

This week’s Saturday Saying comes to us from those pre-imminent connoisseurs of bread, wine, cheese, and everything fashionable, the French. It’s also the tiniest bit politically inspired. But, on to the phrase: cri de coeur. A cri de coeur is a heartfelt appeal, literally, a cry of the heart. And the best example I’ve come across in a long while came at the end of this week’s Democratic presidential nominee debate in Texas:

Saturday Sayings are supposed to be about language, but this week I’m trying to teach you a little bit about what it takes to be the leader of the United States of America. It takes poise. It takes strength. Yes, it takes hope. But more importantly, it takes experience, solutions, and a steadfast resolve to serve the American people. That’s what Hillary Clinton has, in greater quantities than either Barack Obama or John McCain. The Obama campaign has become a cult of personality, a pipe dream for a generation that feels it needs to do something earth-shattering and important. But here’s the thing: nothing is more important than putting this country back together after eight years of Bush destruction. And Hillary is the one who can do that.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was a cri de coeur, and one that we should all pay attention to, for the sake of our collective future.


  1. Winslie Gomez said,

    Sorry in plain English; bollocks!. I saw senator Clinton concede defeat.
    If you have to turn to French when you shunned their fries. you are clutching at straws.
    Good luck the world awaits in Hope

  2. David said,

    If you saw her concede this race, then maybe you’re the one clutching at straws.
    And I shun French fries because of attempts to retain my girlish figure, not because of the ridiculous anti-French/anti-European sentiments of the party currently (and unfortunately) in control of the White House.
    Obama supporters don’t have the market cornered on “Hope,” by the way. I have it too.

  3. Winslie Gomez said,

    Dream on!

  4. dot said,

    Is it bad that I feel better about wanting Hilary to win because you like her? Maybe…also, have you seen the Hilary4UandMe video? Youtube that. You’ll laugh for days.

  5. David said,

    That was seriously the best video I’ve ever seen. Did you count the number of gay people?! Out of control. PS, you haven’t blogged in about a million years, and that makes my life infinitely sadder.

    Link to aforementioned video:

  6. Stephen said,

    Amen! This entire seems to be swept up in the Cult of Obama and I do not want to trade the 8 years of rhetoric we’ve been through for four more years of the rhetoric of Obama.

    Hillary all the way.

  7. David said,

    @ Stephen – Hear hear! Did you see Tina Fey’s Weekend Update bit on SNL about Hillary? Youtube it and then appreciate the ultimate brilliance of that woman.

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